EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism and Languages Institute is a merger of two schools fromally known and Malta Tourism Institute (ITIS) and EEC Language Centre.  The Institute is licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education.  It is also a partner school of IMI International Management Institute, Switzerland.

It’s Tourism centre is committed to advance education and training in and for industry and by a diversity of means encourage and develop creativity and learning, for the benefit of the community in the country in which the Institute’s students reside. To advance, preserve and disseminate knowledge and culture through teaching and the influence and example of corporate life to promote wisdom and understanding. Our mission is to provide every student with the best possible opportunity to acquire relevant up-to-date knowledge of the subject area of International Tourism Management and to develop skills appropriate to his or her present and likely future needs. Our mission permeates and underpins our approach to teaching and learning. The particular needs, and therefore the particular combination of knowledge and skills required varies greatly from one group of students to the other, mainly because of the diversity of nationalities in student body and the various first job destinations which are likely to arise.

Techniques ITIS

Malta Institute recognises that a student is an individual. The Institute is run with a very friendly atmosphere and comprehends the student’s desire to learn and succeed as fast as possible. We do not wait time and use various learning technique so as students can achieve their goals at a relatively short time.

High Standards

It is a well know fact the Malta holds exceptionally high educational standards and EEC-ITIS Malta Institute is no exception. Our courses, certificates and diplomas and Bachelor Degree are approved and recognised by NCFHE and IMI, pioneers and specialists International Tourism Managment. IMIe is recognised by the Education Department of the Swiss Canton of Nidwalden. Student that complete our BA (Hons) Degree are eligable to go on the LMBA or MBA at IMI that is also validated and awarded by the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. EEC-ITIS offers a complete education in tourism, including postgraduate diplomas and an MBA in international hospitality and tourism management. The Manchester Metropolitan University is ranked in the top 10 UK hotel schools by leading independent British newspapers of record, “The Times”, “Daily Telegraph” and “Guardian”.

Low Tuition Fees

In comparison with the rest of EU and other European states, education in Malta is quite cheap and so are our courses. In some cases, our fees are less then half the fees that one would pay for a similar diploma.

Small classes with personal attention

Our highly qualified lecturers can assign a more focused attention to individual student needs and help to obtain the most from the lessons.


Well equipped classroom, photocopy service, free internet service, library, students care service and much more.


The electoral supply is 240 volts, single phase, 50 cycles. The 13 amp, three-pin rectangular sockets are used in Malta.

The Government is Independent, constitutional Republic. The President is the Head of State though his role is essential ceremonial as executive power lies with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Sixty five members sit in the House of Representative, Malta’s parliament, housed in the Grand Master’s Palace.

Travellers do not require normally certificate of vaccination or inoculation to enter the Maltese Islands. However. Smallpox and cholera vaccination certificates are required if arriving from an infected area. Yellow fever immunization is needed for travellers arriving within six days of leaving an infected area. There is one general hospital in Malta – Mater Dei in Msida and one in Gozo – Craig Hospital in Victoria. There are also Government Health Clinics in several towns and villages.